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"I am a Liberal, because I have a positive outlook on people and wish them the very best that I can imagine. Life is not always fair, and human beings are not perfect. - Therefore, we need a Liberal society. A society with a wealth sufficient to ensure, that we can take care properly of those affected by the unjust, those who in a period or a lifetime can not take care of themselves. I am proud Liberal, because I know that a Liberal society makes the weak strongest possible."

Jean-Pierre Sammut

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The OSCE report on the Maltese election 09-03-13 (with highlighted comments)


Maltese Members of the European Parliament 2013/14:



National Party

EP Group


David Casa - CV

Nationalist Party


Roberta Metsola Tedesco Triccas - CV 

Nationalist Party



Claudette Abela Bladacchino - CV

Labour Party


John Attard Montalto - CV

Labour Party


Joseph Cuschieri - CV

Labour Party


Marlene Mizzi - CV

Labour Party



 Actual shots:

Part of the committee at the reception in
 Marsalforn 03-01-2014.
Party leader John Zammit was interviewed by French journalist Alexis Rosenzweig (France 24) 13-02-2014)
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J.Zammit with G.Mikhalyova, S.Mitrokhin & O.Radayeva - Yabloko Danish ex-Foreign Minister Villy Søvndal, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen & ALDM International Secretary Hans-Jorgen Gotsche
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News from the

 Liberal European Union


11/12 parliamentary elections in the coming EU-member Croatia (1. July 2013) became a veritable success for the country’s Liberals!

ELDR member parties HNS (Hrvatska Narodna Stranka, Croatian People's Party) and IDS (Istarski Demokratski Sabor, Istrian Democratic Assembly) were both part of the winning four-party coalition Kukuriku Koalicija, and will be leading the negotiations for Croatian government.


In the latest polls the former Government party of Denmark, the Liberals, has improved from the elections (15/9-11) 24% to 30%. The new Government party, Labour, has fallen from 26% to 19%. (Primo Feb 2014)

At the Russian election primo December 11 ELDR member Yabloko collected more than 15% of the votes for the elections to the State Duma of Saint Petersburg, ensuring Liberal representatives in the city’s parliament

ALDE leader Guy Verhofstadt's opening speech at the party congress in Dublin 09-11-12:

Imprisonment sentence to environmentalist Evgeny Vitishko is discrediting the Olympics

Statement by the YABLOKO party, 12/02/2014

Earlier today the Krasnodar Regional Court has dismissed the complaint submitted by lawyers of environmental activist Evgeny Vitishko. This means that the verdict of the court of a lower instance in coming into force. This verdict envisages a three-year imprisonment term for Vitishko due to his criticism of Governor of the Krasnodar Territory. Earlier Vitishko had been sentenced to three years of probation for making inscriptions on the fence unlawfully erected in the nature reserve. Now probation has been replaced by a real imprisonment term.

[The court of a higher instance has] has blatantly neglected the order of the Supreme Court to conduct a new examination of this criminal case.

The YABLOKO party is outraged by the cruel sentence against civil activist. A sentence to Evgeny Vitishko represents another episode in the ongoing wave of reprisals against civil society activists and all the dissenting with the policies of the Governor of the Krasnodar Territory. [Governor] Alexander Tkachyov has been settling accounts with his opponents, and this looks especially cynical against the background of the Olympics.

Making such monstrous sentences the authorities do all so that the present Olympics would be compared with the Olympics in 1936.

YABLOKO is urging the federal authorities to pay attention to the lawlessness and arbitrary rule taking place in the Krasnodar region, that cause irreparable reputational damage to the [Sochi] Olympics.

We demand that Public Prosecutor General must appeal against these verdicts.

Evgeny Vitishko must be released!



Friday the 23rd of November 2012 the US Embassy in Ta' Qali kindly open its doors for a debate over LGBT and the media in Malta. As the only party present Alleanza Liberali felt very embarrassed over the absence of both other parties and the gay and lesbian communities in Malta except Gabi Calleja.

But the Ambassador, Ms. Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley, honoured us by her presence during the whole meeting, and media-expert Mr. Charles Taylor managed to keep the interest alive in a very charming way with his power-point presentation.

Very few quotes from the meeting:

C.T.: "It gets better . . ." - how do the media response to gay rights?

G.C.: Quite OK, but in Maltese soaps there are very stereotypic gay characters. Rather chocking private comments in the newspapers on the net.

C.T.: It is not a big deal anymore for celebrities to come out.

H.J.: The entrance to the media is through the two dominating parties - and they are not really interested in LGBT rights.

:/ Hans-Jorgen Gotsche

International Secretary

Alleanza Liberali

(Photo shows Ambassador Abercrombie and Gabi Calleja at a former event - as we were not allowed to "shoot" inside the Embassy)


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